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Praise of Bečov

"Bečov with its ancient castle
is one of the most picturesque
and important places
in the region under the Ore Mountains."
(Bedřich Bernau, 1896)


Dear reader,
I would like to invite you on a trip to an ancient little town with a castle, to Bečov-on-Teplá. It is situated in beautiful scenery in the valley of the Teplá River between Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně, right in the heart of the Slavkovský les nature reserve. The surroundings of Bečov rank among the most wonderful in the Karlovy Vary region. You can find fascinating scenery, a clean environment and the healing silence of deep forests here. Their peace is disturbed only by careful steps of animals, the buzzing of insects and the singing of birds. Lovers of cultural and historical sights will be satisfied too. Numerous traces prove the theory that this region was settled hundreds of years ago and evoke memories of our ancestor's joys and sufferings. Filled with admiration, I always bow to their skill, diligence, courage and love for home, thanks to which they managed to change the remote places full of snares into a  cultural area. Unfortunately the modern history after 1945 marked its appearance as well as the appearance of the sights there by numerous scars. They represent a reproach and warning against people's silliness and anger in any form.
I  have been making trips to Bečov and its environs for more than 30 years and yet I can't have enough of its apparant and hidden beauties. Nature, together with man's hand, created a region full of harmony and romance. Autumn is the most beautiful season here. The poet Jaroslav Seifert would have found 75% of all beauties of the world here at that time of golden leaves and Indian summer.
Dear reader, if you don't believe to my praise Bečov, take your car, go by train or by bus or ride your bicycle or horse, or - which would be the best - go on foot and make yourself convinced that I have praised too little. The following lines will be your inspiration and a modest guide. I hope you will enjoy your trip.

Dr. Stanislav Burachovič