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The St.Georgh Church

The original medieval church was built on the site of the first castle of Bečov (the keep) in the 15th century. The church burnt down in 1621 and was renovated. This second church in succession was destroyed in the fire of 1760. The present St. George Church was built on its site from 1763 to 1767. The building plans were made by the local builder Franz Pöpperle. Pews and altars were made by Franz Liebner, a master carpenter from Bečov. The main altar is the work of T. Pistel from Teplá (1776). The picture of St. George was painted by J. Grimmer, a  painter from Žlutice. Side altars were consecrated to St. Ann and St. John. The pulpet is a masterpiece of the woodcraftsman T. Pistel (1776). The organ dates back to 1775, the bells were cast in Cheb in 1763. The interior of the church is decorated in the style of rococo. In 1834 the church was modernized, which the number of the year above the porch demonstrates. The tower was added to the church only in 1885. The building plans were designed by the builder Johann Schobert from Toužim. A decorative iron fence and a small gate with metal reliefs of Christ, the Virgin, St. George and St. Michael can be seen near the porch. They were made by the local smith Adolf Zörkler in 1926.
Kašpar Pluh of Rabštejn was buried in the crypt of the church. His grave was destroyed at the the time of the Counter-Reformation.
A simple stone fountain in front of the church dates from the first half of the 19th century.