Golden Grove and Golden Brook
A wonderful part of the wood to the southwest of Bečov. Its history is closely related to medieval gold mining. The charter of the monastery of Teplá dating from January 25th, 1342 and signed by the king John of Luxemburg gives a list of mines which belonged to the monastery. The list contains the name of Háj near Bečov which is the present Golden Grove. The Golden Brook flowing through it was mentioned as early as in 1230 and 1298. The mining rights referring to the territory between Bečov and Louka passed from the monastery of Teplá to the lords of Rýzmburk. An archeological research in the Golden Brook Valley in 1976 proved the existence of numerous mines and traces of gold.
The burial chapel of the Beaufort family dating from 1926 stands high above the Golden Brook Valley, on the "Parish Meadow". There was a crypt for deceased members of the family in the chapel. The St. Peter Chapel was an exact copy of the crypt of the Beauforts in Florennes, in the Belgian province of Nemur. The decayed chapel was pulled down in 1981.