Grün Acidulous Water
The German name of the village Louky (Grün) gave the name to local acidulous water. It is bottled on the bank of the brook near the eastern edge of Pluhův bor. After 1813 it used to be called Ernestinen-Brunnen in honour of the duke of Beaufort's wife. Later it started to be called Grün Acidulous Water. Since 1893 it has been bottled. Its owners often changed (E. Zuleger, D. Moser, J. Dürr, A. Löser and, during World War II, the German SS). During the war the acidulous water was even exported to distant Africa for the German Army. French prisoners of war worked in the bottling house during World War II. The Almbrünnl open-air café used to stand by the spring. The café wase pulled down after 1983. At present the acidulous water is bottled and exported by the Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters Company under the name Magnesia. The uniqueness of this mineral water consists of the unusually high amount of magnesium it contains.