Memorable linden alleys
An attentive tourist will notice a curiosity on the opposite hillsides of the valley between Hůrka and the Woodcutter's Hill (Dřevařský vrch) in the neighbourhood of Nový dvůr. It is a big cross and the letter M consisting of planted linden trees. It is said that it was the duke Beaufort, whose daughter Mary had died there tragically during a winter hunt, who had the linden trees planted at the close of the last century. Another legend says that the accident happend after the coach or the sledge had toppled. And there is one more legend saying that the girl lost her way and froze to death. So romantic legends go. Only a few years ago it was found out that the duke Friedrich Beaufort-Spontini (1843-1916) had had the alley in the shape of the letter M planted in honour of his cousin, princess Maria Spada-Potenciami. After her death he had the cross planted.