Mnichov (736 m)
An old legend says that the village was founded by St. Siard in the 12th century. St. Siard had his hermitage in the valley of the Mnichovský Brook (today a ruin). There was the Saird mineral spring near the reputed hermitage. In 1273 the village was mentioned as the property of the monastery of Teplá. In 1594 Mnichov was given the statutes of a town. Silver and pewter ores were mined in its surroundings in the Middle Ages. From 1834 there was a famous cutting shop for products made of serpentine in Mnichov. Serpentine was mined on the Planý Hill. The Baroque St. Peter and Paul Church dates from 1725. The serpentine baptismal font and Art Nouveau paintings dating from 1905 (F. Urban) are especially worth seeing. A charnel room and mummified bodies of French soldiers from the 18th century can be seen in the church crypt.
A pillory dating from the 18th century stands at the doorway of the town hall from 1730. There used to be a girls' school for Notre-Dame sisters near the church from 1856. It was converted into a social home after 1950. Two crosses of conciliation stand near Mnichov (by the roads to Sítiny and to Popovice).