Ponds of Bečov
Three ponds which form a cascade are situated in the section of the woods called Hůrka, in the middle of spruce forests. The romantic appearance of the ponds is intensified by the bizarre shapes of numerous granite rocks. People told various stories about them. Most legends referred to the "Dog's Rock" (Hundsfelsen). Woods surrounding the ponds stretch as far as Nové Kounice and Javorná where you can see the ruin of a Baroque castle with the St. Jan Nepomucký Church dating from 1730. The local rarity, a logan-stone, can be found near Javorná. The big block of granite can be set in motion relatively easily. There are lapidary inscriptions on the stone which date back to 1776 and 1796. The logan-stone was declared a listed natural sight.
The Black Pond and the New Pond, a further two water reservoirs suitable for bathing in summer, are situated in the woods to the north and to the east of Bečov.