The Homolka Hill (695 m)
A conspicuous conic basalt dome near the town of Chodov is a unique natural phenomenon.
The Tertiary volcanic formation has got a column separation typical of basalt and contains phenocrysts of the green mineral olivine. An old legend says that a castle used to stand there where a bad witch lived. She turned to stone a dwarfs'wedding procession. People believed they could see it in rock formations in the woods to the north of the Homolka Hill. The surroundings of Homolka have attracted collectors of minerals as early as since the 19th century. Free crystals of feldspar (Karlovy Vary twins) and occasionally the sky-blue mineral distene (aluminium silicate) can be found here. Apart from distene, it is also possible to find rutile, granules of corundum and, if luck is on your side, ruby.