The Teplá Valley
The romantic Teplá Valley between Bečov and Mnichov is a nature reserve. The road and railway line from Karlovy Vary to Mariánské Lázně run through the narrow valley. Numerous railway tunnels in this area were built by 700 workers of the Emilio Faletti firm from Italy. The railway line was set into operation in 1898.
A remarkable building stands on the right bank of the Teplá River, near the tunnel leading to the Louka railway halt. The Baroque house was a part of the "Rohrer Mill" dating from 1685 which belonged to the noble family of Sachsen-Lauenburg from Toužim. The trout-hatchery in the Teplá valley before Bečov was founded before World War II.
An excellent guide to the trips to the neighbourhood of Bečov-on-Teplá is the tourist map "Slavkovský les and Mariánské Lázně" issued by the Club of Czech Tourists (1st edition, 1992). All the above mentioned places are marked on the map.